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Intellectual Sex

January 20, 2010

I got fascinated about the idea of private poetry readings in a sexy sultry way in a saloon-type environment.

More precisely – I am talking about poetry brothels. I first encountered the idea on the plane reading a magazine. They had an article about a poetry brothel in Barcelona. As far as I know there are three of them now: one in New York, one in Barcelona & one in Leicester (UK).

Reading as a recreational activity has gone into decline. I bet even less people spend their time reading poetry. Poetry brothels will bring back the attractiveness of the written word put into rhymes.

In the era when entertainment and new experience plays such a big role in creating people’s happiness poetry brothels might be just the right thing to indulge yourself with. And it wont be just a temporal treat. This experience may have a pleasant long lasting impression on your mind and soul.


How to be a good salesman

October 19, 2007

an interview with an estate agent and his comment on his kind:

“if you, after a meeting, think that he is your friend, that means that he has done his job well but he is not your friend, he just wants your money.”

let’s be good salesmen and make a lot of friends (in every industry or area) 🙂

How to make your interviewer dance

October 17, 2007

a smart move:

one of the contestants on the tv show Pete Burn’s PA was asked why she thinks she is the best candidate for the position. she had a simple but ingenious answer – “because I think you are the best person to work for!

this particular answer is equally applicable to the interview at the personal level (it’s good to work for celebrity Pete Burn, or division manager Samuel Erickson) as well as at the corporate level (it’s good to work for Siemens), especially if you can continue your sentence with the list of “because” to ground your statement.