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Fat Rat to You or – a Happy New Year!

January 12, 2008


Yes, yes I know, it’s a little bit too late for the happy new year wishes but from the other side it’s better later than never. And it’s never too late to thank all of you who have been reading me patiently all previous year. I hope from now on my posts will be more frequent and more regular 🙂 So keep in virtual touch!


How to make your interviewer dance

October 17, 2007

a smart move:

one of the contestants on the tv show Pete Burn’s PA was asked why she thinks she is the best candidate for the position. she had a simple but ingenious answer – “because I think you are the best person to work for!

this particular answer is equally applicable to the interview at the personal level (it’s good to work for celebrity Pete Burn, or division manager Samuel Erickson) as well as at the corporate level (it’s good to work for Siemens), especially if you can continue your sentence with the list of “because” to ground your statement.