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Grow your own food

August 31, 2010

I heard about this idea before – food growing machine which won the Electrolux Design Lab Competition. It grows meat and fish from heated animal cells. I was amazed.

Few days ago I read about Cocoon again.  My first thought was – “they finally started the production!” and “where can I get one?” Unfortunately it is still just a concept and Electrolux is not planning to include Cocoon in their product line.

I really would not mind eating “meat born in a small kitchen appliance”. Especially when I think about forests and meadows saved from being turned into the pastures. Cocoon would be one more way of helping to save the environment.


Green peas pasta

November 4, 2009



Our housemate Marko showed us a brilliant pasta recipe tonight. As he said ‘it’s tastiest of the easy-ones’.

You take canned or frozen green peas, fry them with onions in the olive oil until you get a green mushy paste.
Meanwhile you boil farfarelle (bow-shaped pasta) until tender.  You put some fresh cream in a bowl, add pasta when it’s ready, mix it with the fried green peas and add thinly sliced ham.

It’s quick and absolutely DELICIOUS!