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BarCamp Galway 2007

September 22, 2007

Just returned from BarCamp Galway 2007.

Tom Raftery gave a very interesting presentation on a new project which involves the idea of energy effective data centers and reduction of carbon footprint of the IT industry. As an ecologically concerned person I was excited about his new idea and approach to certain problems – a combination of economical efficiency with ecological friendliness.

Later on he had scheduled a second presentation (though he had promised only one 🙂 ) on Video Blogging. It turned out as a small, free-form group conversation on video blogging and other topics in which attendees were specifically interested. That was great as well.

Ina O’Murchu gave a valuable presentation on insiders view of Social Web and it’s influence on business now and in the nearest future.

A panel on how to grow a community presence lacked a little bit of moderation to get discussions started. When it finally kicked off we were able to hear valuable experience and examples of how to establish and spin-off a new online community.

Alastair McDermott had took the veil of mystification off the Internet Marketing by explaining basic working principles of it and giving some good tips and advices on making your online presence more effective. See his presentation video online: Demystifying Internet Marketing: An Overview of the Online Marketing Spectrum

Unfortunately I was not able to attend John Breslin’s presentation – the Need for Semantics in Social Networks.

It was a very well organized event thanks to John, Aidan, Conor, and Uldis.

Now off to the pub! 🙂

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