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Grow your own food

August 31, 2010

I heard about this idea before – food growing machine which won the Electrolux Design Lab Competition. It grows meat and fish from heated animal cells. I was amazed.

Few days ago I read about Cocoon again.  My first thought was – “they finally started the production!” and “where can I get one?” Unfortunately it is still just a concept and Electrolux is not planning to include Cocoon in their product line.

I really would not mind eating “meat born in a small kitchen appliance”. Especially when I think about forests and meadows saved from being turned into the pastures. Cocoon would be one more way of helping to save the environment.


Machinarium – journey, surprise, excitement.

November 7, 2009


I recently had a chance to try Machinarium. It’s an award-winning independent puzzle / adventure game developed by the ingenious studio Amanita Design.  ‘Machinarium is an extraordinarily beautiful creation. It’s a sort of beauty that games are almost never graced with’ (

Machinarium took the prize for “Excellence in Visual Art” at this (2009)  year’s Independent Game Festival. And it’s totally clear why. The hand-drawn scenes and characters are captivating and entertaining.

The game itself is catchy and exciting. Journey of the main character is full of unexpected surprises, the scenes and tasks are artistically crafted. And if you get stuck there are two levels of clues.

The game has a stunning audio track and a very high level of playability. Some puzzles may keep you in the game for a while but it’s such a great pleasure. Enjoy!

Things that make me go – wow!

October 28, 2008

Probably I am too deep in what I am doing now but Pantone(c) coloured things really excite me. Maybe because of approaching winter, gloomy weather and quickly disappearing last coloured leaves. Maybe because of an undiscovered necessity to number, measure and organize everything. Or maybe just because beautiful objects make life such a delight.

Monday morning coffee from Pantone Mug 186C, a quick look in the daily newspaper filled with credit-crunch articles while sitting on the Flight Stool 13-0859 TPX, and Rubitone on the corner of your work desk will make your day brighter.

For now I have just the mug but believe me it works.

Beauty of Simple Products

March 11, 2008

design & simplicity

What can we learn about usability…


January 25, 2008


It’s 1.5 hour documentary about how the few curves can change our lives forever, and particularly about a birth of one font, its way to the worlds dominance, designers hearts and our minds and day to day lives – Helvetica.

In 2007 this font celebrated its 50th birthday. The film was created to mark this even. I had an opportunity to watch it yesterday and I enjoyed every minute spent watching.