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The Groundswell

May 18, 2009


Finally got my hands on and read The Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.

At a first glance it seemed the book does not contain anything new for me, but sinking deeper I realized that there are a lot of fresh ideas for everybody. We all have heard of such social web tools as blogs, forums, wikis, and on-line communities but there are so many ways how to use them. Some ways are smart and beneficial for the user and for the community, some ways are better to be avoided.

The authors provide an insight in the opportunities given to the businesses by those social technologies.  Some most important things which are emphasized throughout the book are:

  • Decide what are your goals and who is your target audience before employing any particular social technology tool (and remember, it’s not about you, it’s about people you want to communicate to; it’s not about your company or product, it’s about solving your customers’ problems).
  • Choose your tool wisely depending on what you want it to do.
  • Always be open and honest, it will ensure the bond with your audience and also your credibility.
  • And most importantly be willing and ready to listen (people on-line will have what to say about you, and it wont necessarily be good things) and to act accordingly (not ignoring, not shouting back but talking to and solving the problem).

In addition to well written ‘theory’ Charlene and Josh provided a lot of interesting and educational case studies in every chapter, helping the reader grasp the idea better.  And sometimes the unusual approaches to problem solving using social technologies can be very inspiring and lead to new development of tools and make their usage even more efficient.

I recommend this book to anybody who is in marketing, communications, customer relations, PR or in general has to maintain a relationship with people inside and outside the company.

Groundswell blog.


Future of the Marketing Garden

May 17, 2009


Until now I tried to stick to a particular theme or style of the blogging (and as a result blogged very rarely). I tried to look professional and with that limited myself to dry and quite soulless posts.

From now on here you will find anything that excites me not only as a professional in marketing or design, but also as a person and individuality.  I decided that I wont put any restrictions to what appear in my blogposts (as long as the content is something I would be able to show to my mom 🙂 ).

So cheers and enjoy!
(As I definitely will.)

Fat Rat to You or – a Happy New Year!

January 12, 2008


Yes, yes I know, it’s a little bit too late for the happy new year wishes but from the other side it’s better later than never. And it’s never too late to thank all of you who have been reading me patiently all previous year. I hope from now on my posts will be more frequent and more regular 🙂 So keep in virtual touch!

BarCamp Dublin 2007

May 11, 2007

i would like to share some impressions after BarCamp Dublin.

1) one thing what surprised me was that a lot of stuff presented there were not really new to me (but for many people apparently it was), for example how to approach bloggers with an advertising offer

2) before BarCamp i thought that i do not have any really unique knowledge and am just trying to keep up with the general crowd. apparently not everybody knows the same

3) my assumptions of what general public, users, people out there know were absolutely wrong, my expectations were definitely too high in regard of the level of advancement of the regular web user. like i thought that RSS feeds are very common thing and everybody uses them but apparently many people still are using an email subscription for the news because they do not know anything about RSS

conclusion – it’s “healthy” from time to time to go out there and see what’s new, what’s “hot”, what other people know and think right now, and most important where are you in this picture. even if you think that you do not have time for this, that you are too busy and so on. it will be worth it and may give you some brilliant new ideas or change your world view .


November 18, 2006

here I will put together Ideas about marketing which I kinda like and answer questions which I was asking myself for a while