Understanding your customer


passing the key

It has always been an important matter to understand your customers: what are their needs, what do they want and how do they make the decision to buy or not to buy your product. In times of economical difficulties (like global recession) and major changes (like a fact that by 2040 or even earlier hispanic population in US will surpass the white non-hispanic inhabitants) understanding of customers are crucial.

I liked the creative approach of a real estate broker who used his knowledge about his customer to his own advantage. “Hispanic would-be homebuyers were allowed to spend a night in the house so they could invite family and friends for dinner prior to making the purchase decision. The family decided to purchase the house after getting positive feedback from the guests.” The knowledge of an importance of family members and their opinion in a hispanic family secured the real estate broker a deal.

Pay attention to who are those people you are going to sell your products to and customize your approach accordingly. It will definitely pay off.


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One Response to “Understanding your customer”

  1. Davis Says:

    As funny as it would sound, but when I was looking for new apartment, we really wanted to spend one day at this place, to feel, is it right for us – and the same for our white cat, does he like there.

    Knowing these little things about people are useful, but also you should be aware, that it might break your deal, as in our case, most probably we would noticed that under ceiling there was hidden fungus from moist and neighbors were quite loud 😦 – therefore if you are selling product, you trust, and know for sure that it is ok, go for it and let your knowledge about buyer and imagination spread.

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