God bless you with a tremendous mistake!


When we do something, we want to do it well. If it is related to our business, we want it very good. And then we are analyzing and planning, and analyzing again. But sometimes preparation kills all the process. It’s just too long. And when we finally are ready to take action it’s closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Though there is a solution to that. As Jimmy Guterman writes in his blog: it’s by screwing up that we learn and discover (in Why screwing up is the smartest thing you can do). That means we just have to pick a direction and move. No hesitation, no procrastination, no playing safe. Just go and do it. Because only quick enough action will bring us in front of the competitors. And by trying long and hard enough you will be able to make enough mistakes so that one of them will be brilliant and will make you number one, like CocaCola, 3M or Pfizer (produces Viagra) who became world leaders by failing significantly.

So good luck and God bless you with a tremendous mistake!


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