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  1. John Breslin Says:

    Hi Liga – glad you found inspiration in the book! I will try and reply with some ideas of how I would approach making a logo, and I have started to gather some old ones I’ve made on my wiki, but must add the rest…

    An interesting thing I heard recently is in relation to fonts used in logo, and how the font creator may have some copyright over logos in which their fonts are used…

  2. David Says:

    Great post Liga, I’m in the process of writing a post on why logo is important and some tips on how to create one to reflect the business. Might be done in a few days!

  3. Svaigs.lv » Blog Archive » Marketing Garden has got a new home Says:

    […] Her most popular blog post: making logos […]

  4. | Marketing Garden has got a new home Says:

    […] Her most popular blog post: making logos […]

  5. ssttiiggyy89 Says:

    good post, i completely agree. At uni i have just create as logo as a 1 day project and they said the same as you, i think i have followed the advice. take a look


    cheers. Grant

  6. Xyuufpeq Says:


  7. zynga facebook Says:

    i’m often roaming about the net the majority of the day which means I have a tendency to peruse a great deal, which isn’t typically a beneficial matter as nearly all of the online resources I find are constructed of pointless trash copied from several other internet websites a million times, nevertheless I have to compliment you because this blog is in fact quite informative and also seems to have a lot of genuine substance, for that reason thanks for breaking up the phenomena of only copying other peoples’ blogs.

  8. Conservatories Says:

    Hi Liga. I really liked your post. Designing an effective logo requires skill and dedication. One should keep in mind that logo is like a name plate of the company, tha face that will appear in market and in front of customers. I believe in keeping it simple and sober. I liked the details and examples that you have mentioned. I agree that the colour scheme of the logo needs to be given a deep thought. When I start designing one, I scramble lots of papers, it involves multiple designs sketched on piece of papers, and then gets the final one. :).I would love if you add some examples of logo you designed.

  9. projektowanie logo Says:

    projektowanie logo…

    […]making logos « marketing garden[…]…

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