BarCamp Dublin 2007


i would like to share some impressions after BarCamp Dublin.

1) one thing what surprised me was that a lot of stuff presented there were not really new to me (but for many people apparently it was), for example how to approach bloggers with an advertising offer

2) before BarCamp i thought that i do not have any really unique knowledge and am just trying to keep up with the general crowd. apparently not everybody knows the same

3) my assumptions of what general public, users, people out there know were absolutely wrong, my expectations were definitely too high in regard of the level of advancement of the regular web user. like i thought that RSS feeds are very common thing and everybody uses them but apparently many people still are using an email subscription for the news because they do not know anything about RSS

conclusion – it’s “healthy” from time to time to go out there and see what’s new, what’s “hot”, what other people know and think right now, and most important where are you in this picture. even if you think that you do not have time for this, that you are too busy and so on. it will be worth it and may give you some brilliant new ideas or change your world view .


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