what is agile marketing?


agile “anything” began with the Agile Software Development. the basic idea here is to split whole software development project in smaller pieces (iterations) and instead of releasing software only in the end of the whole project they perform small releases in the end of every iteration. that allows you to get a working software in the end of every iteration, decide what should be done next, improve communication and planning.

from the resources on the web i tried to figure out how agile applies to the marketing function. some companies applied the Agile Software Development idea and even tried to apply the same software for process management. some companies declared that agile marketing is a name for the marketing in the online media (it was interesting to take a look at the source of the site 🙂 ).

i understand agile marketing as something which applies the same agile software development rules to the marketing world making possible to get usable results faster, apply changes easier, and communicate better. that means instead of huge complicated campaigns you have main idea which you can implement step by step getting fully functioning result in the end of every step. it’s easier and much cheaper to modify which is very valuable aspect in the rapidly changing marketing environment.


5 Responses to “what is agile marketing?”

  1. Strategic Niche Articles Resources For Your Internet Marketing Business Says:

    Hi there,

    I have heard of agile business, but yet to cover agile marketing.

    I guess it covers the area of speeding the process of generating sales,
    and diversify the merchandise delivery channels to more places.

    BTW, could you share with us the source you get this message?

    Calvin Chin

  2. Liga Says:

    Hi Calvin,

    Thank you for your interest and comment.

    I heard somebody mention “agile marketing” and wanted to explore it a bit more. So I started to look up on the internet. Here in my blogpost I put togeather all the info I found on the subject.

    Is there anything particular you are interested in or want to know?


  3. Uldis Bojars Says:

    Could “Agile” apply to working and living as well?

    E.g., “agile living” – you learn something one day and apply this new skill the same or very next day. This is different from when one studies something for 5 years and then starts to think “hmm, what else do I need to learn to do this work?”.

    Personally I find it very rewarding – this fast cycle of learning and doing. Still, need to get better at focusing on _what_ to learn and to do.

  4. Liga Says:

    to Uldis:

    I think “agile living” could be an opposite to overloaded life and procrastination 🙂

  5. Ted Says:


    It may not be what you had in mind, but I think the interesting question is, ‘how does the approach to marketing change given an agile product development process’?

    Imagine instead of doing a launch every 6-12 months, you have one every 6 weeks…even keeping customers engaged at that pace is more challenging. It seems to me that the rules change…and I’m not sure any of us have figured out how to respond. I’d be interested to hear ideas, however…


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